11 thoughts on “vase with a STEM

  1. Oh my goodness, that is totally gorgeous. I love the simplicity even though it’s complicated. 😀

  2. Super pretty! Sorry I’ve been out of touch…visiting our daughter in L.A. The weather is luscious out there this time of year, makes you forget about the traffic for about a second. 😉

  3. Perfect, Gail. The vase appears to be sitting on a ledge in the wall. The light bubbles are an added bonus. This is so very natural-looking that it doesn’t strike me at first that it is layered. A complicated, simple combination with the vase in just the right amount of color not to be jarring as most selective color ends up being. The vase is in precisely the right proportion to the wall, too. I really like this one. Choose it for the next submission, and I’ll vote as many times as I can! 🙂

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