almost cherry BLOSSOM time

This morning I was rummaging through my desk drawer, in search of a stamp. I came across a glassine envelope and discovered a bunch of beautiful stamps.  I especially liked this one of the Cherry Blossom’s in DC.  Since it’s almost April I thought it appropriate to post NOW.


Here is my take on it.  Which one do you prefer?


6 thoughts on “almost cherry BLOSSOM time

  1. The cherry blossoms in DC are beautiful Gail 😀 the only problem is they don’t last long enough. Really great looking stamps too. Have a great day Gail.

  2. We’re awash in cherry blossoms as we speak! It looks like little pieces of pink tissue paper are blowing across the yard. I like the top two, probably because I’m drawn to warm tones. I love stamps, used to collect them but now they’re probably shoved in a drawer somewhere like yours!

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