stuff about me

  • I’m married
  • I have one husband
  • I have 2 kids
  • I have 1 dog
  • I love taking pictures of everything
  • I’m mostly self taught
  • I shoot with
  • canon 5d mark iii sony a7r ii
  • I edit in Lightroom (could use a little help)
  • I write on a mac or iPad
  • I talk on an iPhone x
  • I own a land line
  • click on a picture to see it FULL SIZE

                         THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY!


22 thoughts on “stuff about me

  1. HaHa, Gail. I am truly senile. I did know about the 365-day project! I commented on them. I knew instantly when I started backwards that I’d seen them. I remember several of them well. Now, I can’t find the professional page. I got distracted at the Boston gallery (I think it was in Boston) and only commented on one photo. Then I had to leave and never got back. Sigh… Your photography is just so good and your perspective is my kind of perspective. You seem to see what I would have seen if that makes sense. I suspect lots of people feel that way when they look at the images. Maybe, that’s what makes images stick in the head. Anyway, I’m off to find the other website.

  2. Hi Gail,
    I had an additional look at you Zenfolio-galleries and it seems that nothing is secure, when you come with your Canon, isn’t it! 😉
    I like many of your shots, but especially your fantastic Chrysler Building gallery. Marvellous!
    Best regards from Stefan

  3. Gail, have you disappeared??! Get your bottom back on here and post something – you’re being missed. Seriously – I hope you’re well. Warm regards, Rob.

      1. Phew! Thought we’d lost you there for a while. Lazy is fine, Gail! Shall look forward to your new posts. 🙂
        Warm regards,

  4. Hey lady ~ I am going to be writing a main character who is an editor and a photographer and wondered if you’d answer 16 questions about photography? Please???? *really cheesy, big smile* I want to make sure I represent you crazy awesome photo people properly and you were the first person who came to mind….

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