a flower a shallot and a ZUCCHINI

I know the title sounds like Ed McMahon, asking Johnny Carson’s Carnac, (A link for those too young) on the Tonight Show.

This morning, like every other morning.  I opened my refrigerator door, and looked inside. What was I was going to eat for breakfast today.  I’m sure everyone else does this. You look, and see nothing you really want. This morning I was drawn to a wrinkly old zucchini, and an ancient shallot.  Both, ready for the trash bin.  I decided to cook something with them.

I washed the zucchini gave it a quick chop, peeled the shallot and diced it as well.  I thought they would be good sautéd, so I heated up some evoo.  First went in the shallots, they cooked for a couple of minutes. Then the diced zucchini, with a pinch of kosher salt.  I let them sizzle for a few minutes, but felt it needed some liquid for it to cook thoroughly.  Back into the fridge I went.  I found some delicious tomato soup, that my husband had made on Sunday.  This would be perfect, not just for cooking but also for added flavor. I poured the soup into the pan, put on a lid, and cooked it for another minute.  I opened the lid and thought, NOW WHAT?

Back into the fridge, aha, eggs.  I whipped up 2 eggs (only one yolk), dumped them into the sauté pan….

Voila….a delicious omelette.


Oh, the flower… This was the first thing I noticed when I walked into the kitchen this morning.


Thank YOU David xo





It’s 11:00am, I’m at the car dealer waiting, waiting to have an oil change. There are about 20 people milling about, they all are waiting and annoyed.

I overhear one woman complaining,  She is upset, the light that illuminates her license plate is out, her hatch wont open and her car has failed to pass the inspection test for a new sticker.  They have just told her there is a short circuit in in the grip and she will need a new in order to get a sticker.  Unfortunately they do not have the part  in stock and she will have to wait….Well…she certainly isn’t happy and everyone here can hear her……

Out of all the people here, only one person is sitting doing NOTHING.  Everyone here is occupied, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Blueberry, Galaxy, Android …computer, whatever.

I have decided to distract myself.

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago, my husband got me a FABULOUS present.

A new MACRO lens…I have been experimenting….

And….we went to the Red Sox game …  I know, so RANDOM, so ME!

Wow, it’s 11:55, I hear my name called DONE!

(these pictures are saved as png files….a bit fuzzy)


Fenway at night