the mrs. carter SHOW

Last night I attended The Mrs.Carter Show World Tour.

Click the picture of Beyoncé to watch the video!

Lots of fun people watching at the td Garden here in Boston, and Beyoncé always gives 110%.

Here is a link to the Boston Globe review.

I thought it was a bit “overproduced”, but I guess that’s what the crowd wants.

Here is link to the wiki page about her concert and set list.

Only had my panasonic lumix dmclx7 with me, not bad for a point and shoot camera!

click to watch movie

10 thoughts on “the mrs. carter SHOW

  1. Love the photo and love Beyonce! Her shows are geared for over-production, just as all the divas that have come before her. Great talent…you and Mrs. Carter! 🙂

  2. What a fantastic shot, Gail! You captured the essence of Mrs. Carter! I LOVE HER. Glad you had fun.

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