We just came back from a fantastic ten day family vacation. We explored Iceland, Copenhagen and Amsterdam.

Click on the picture of Gullfoss to view the slide show.

click on picture to view slideshow

13 thoughts on “family ADVENTURE

    1. Thanks Norman-What a beautiful place to be!
      Thank you for suggesting it to David.
      We dined on whale, horse tenderloin and reindeer …..!
      A trip that will never be forgotten!

  1. Beautiful photos.. some of the waterfall and rainbow pictures dont even look like they could be real.. Amazing scenery, and great photos in the cities. I loved the lighting you used in some of the night shots! It sounds like it was a great trip.

    1. Thanks Abby!
      It was a great trip!
      Most of the night shots were taken with my small p&s camera.
      I pumped up the whites, darks and highlights, and desaturated most of them to give them an edgy look. Thanks for noticing 🙂

  2. Gail, I am not getting notices in the Reader. Sigh. I stopped all email notices because I was overloading my inbox. Let me know when you post again so I can be certain that I am notified. Thanks. Looks as if you really had fun. I love the photos!

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