it’s takes a MISSION

I have been home for 2 days, I am sitting in the Apple Store at the Chesnut Hill mall,  which is located about 20 minutes west of Boston.  I’m amazed that we all just all stood for a minute of silence to commemorate the week anniversary of  the Boston Marathon Bombing.  I was in Israel celebrating Yom Ha’atzmaut: Israel Independence Day, at the time of the bombing. How ironic, we were safer in Israel.  Everyone we  met were incredibly kind, and sympathetic to what we were all feeling!

I’m at the Apple store because my computer has crashed every time I try and play my movie…. 😦

Fast forward 7 hours later and I am still having problems.  But, my movie is completed, not to my expectations, but its done.

I know I said I would be posting everyday, but I didn’t have any extra time.

Click on the picture to view the movie of some of the highlights.

I have well over 1500 pictures to go through…the good, the bad and the ugly!

Later in the week I will be posting more pictures to if you’d like to look at them.


This was a wonderful trip with 40+ smart, compassionate, funny, thoughtful woman.  We visited Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa. We participated in a beautiful Havdalah service. Hiked up Masada, floated/dipped in the Dead Sea, went for a bike ride.  Visited 2 schools, help paint a mural and heard the stories from a few Ethiopian Jewish woman’s journey to Israel, that would make us cry.  We had dynamic speakers who taught us poetry, history and the revival of the Hebrew language.  We visited a The Strauss company, which has a women CEO, the Carmel Winery who got their start from the Rothchild family. We commemorated Yom Hazikaron: Israel Memorial Day, probably one of the most heart wrenching nights we had.  Toured the Western Wall tunnel, left notes at the Western Wall, and visited the old city in Jerusalem.  Our final night was spent sharing our experience with each other.  Many tears were shed that night and new connections made.  All that was done in in 7 days….I was one of the lucky ones who flight home was cancelled and got to spend an extra day in Tel Aviv to rest and shop.

What an adventure, journey, experience…it was SABABA (hebrew for AWESOME)…I would have to see that I discovered a part of me that I didn’t know existed!

I would like to give a special shout out to Caryn and Stacey, thanks for being our “shepards”, this certainly was a trip I will not forget.

I am adding this last note….I woke up this morning thinking of the quote that Caryn shared with us by Maya Angelou.  I’m sure she won’t mind if I share it…

I’ve learned that people FORGET what you said, people will FORGET what you did, but people will NEVER FORGET how you made them FEEL!

nyc-gramercy PARK

No matter how many times a I goes to New York City, I always see something in a new way.

We stayed in the Gramercy Park neighborhood.  The Flatiron Building, Empire State Building and Chrysler Building are all in walking distance.

My daughter had an appointment and I waited for her on the closed sidewalk on Broadway and 22cnd.  On our walk back to the hotel we spotted a crowd in front of Union Square.  How lucky we were to Zac Efron (what a cutie) getting ready to shoot a scene for his new movie.

Here are some familiar pictures from a new perspective.


Last week we got a bird feeder.  It was really fun watching the activity.

The movie was made with an iPhone app that has an intervalometer. It’s just a fancy remote with a timer for your camera. I connected my camera to my computer set the intervalometer to shoot a frame every 3 seconds and shoot 999 pictures.  I now had 999 pictures and didn’t know what to do with them.  Luckily I found some free time lapse software that compiled all the shots together at 30 frames per second.  Wow, how easy is that!  Now all I needed to do was import my movie into iMovie add some titles and music, and upload the final project to my mobileme gallery…Voila…a new movie!   Click on the picture of the bluejays to watch the movie


click on me to watch "the birdfeeder" movie

This was a really fun project  for me…Hope you enjoyed watching it!

Here are some more pictures of what was happening around the birdfeeder.

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