dressed to KILL

Last night I went to a Cher concert at the TD Garden in Boston.  You will never guess who the opening act was.  Pat Benatar.  I know, you're scratching your head! Cher, she was fantastic.  Her voice didn't have the same vibrato she had back in 1999, when I saw the Believe Tour.  But, she [...]

the mrs. carter SHOW

Last night I attended The Mrs.Carter Show World Tour. Click the picture of Beyoncé to watch the video! Lots of fun people watching at the td Garden here in Boston, and Beyoncé always gives 110%. Here is a link to the Boston Globe review. I thought it was a bit "overproduced", but I guess that's [...]

james TAYLOR

I had the opportunity to see James Taylor last Saturday Night. Of course I made a movie/slideshow. The lighting in the room was awful and I only had my iPhone for the video. click on JT to watch the movie... Search for click on JT to watch the movie... Search for a map Translate  Source: [...]