the bird BATH

This morning I was sitting in my office talking on the telephone and playing on my computer. My desk is in front of 3 double hung 12/12 windows, and faces our backyard.  Just out of the corner of my left eye I noticed some movement.  I didn’t pay that much attention to it, usually a squirrel or bunny is scurrying by.  I continued my conversation and noticed more movement.  This time is wasn’t on the ground, it was higher up.  I quickly glanced away from my computer and noticed 3 birds actually bathing in our bird bath.  I told my friend, hung up the phone, grabbed my camera and took about 20 quick pictures.

Here is the view through my lens.  They certainly were a sight to see.  You can click on any image to view them larger.

10 thoughts on “the bird BATH

  1. My favorite ever. I especially love chit chatting. Did you proofread? Says conservation where maybe you meant observation. You artist!! If you want a proofreader I can do such menial tasks.

  2. Hi, Gail. When I click, I don’t get a better look. 🙂 Don’t you love it when you see birds actually bathing? Usually, I see them in the water that collects near the curb after a rain!

      1. yes..I remember being (my honeymoon) in London 25 years ago. The weather was so cold, I had to buy pants and sweaters!
        I was in New York it was so hot…100!

  3. Hi Gail, thanks for checking in with me, it was so nice seeing your name in my inbox! I’m in graduation, graduation party, lacrosse state final (& championship!) recovery mode….seems to take me long to bounce back these days. I’m looking forward to easing back into blogness. Love the bird bath photos, they have a sweet quality about them.

    1. Glad all is WELL!
      Thanks for taking the time to get back to me.
      Glad to hear your daughter (I think) made it all the way!
      Good start to the summer…now time to relax!

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