Today we had a new visitor in our backyard, Mr. Woodpecker.

My husband called me into the kitchen to get a peek.  I have never seen any woodpeckers in our backyard.   I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures.  Our bird feeder is attracting lots of visitors.  Here are a few that stopped by.

You can click on any image to see it full size 🙂

Woody stylized

hanging out at the water COOLER

As usual…I’m sitting in my office, doing something on my computer.  In the corner of my eye, I spy some activity at the bird bath.

I get my camera, my 24-105mm lens is currently on.  I start snapping away at the birds, they are white with black markings and small. They look like they are having fun playing in the water, and soon the 2 turn to 4.  They appear to be chickadees. I realize I need to get a longer lens and get my 100-400mm.  Since I’m shooting through the window,  I have to stay away from the window mullions shadows.  Soon a new friend has arrived, it looks like a creeper. I don’t know these birds off the top of my head I have looked them up in my husbands Eastern Birds handbook.

Ms. Cardinal arrives, but, she is happy on the ground.  I’m thinking, I’ll add bird seed to the birdbath to attract more activity.

Well, that was a mistake!  All I got was a greedy squirrel.

the bird BATH

This morning I was sitting in my office talking on the telephone and playing on my computer. My desk is in front of 3 double hung 12/12 windows, and faces our backyard.  Just out of the corner of my left eye I noticed some movement.  I didn’t pay that much attention to it, usually a squirrel or bunny is scurrying by.  I continued my conversation and noticed more movement.  This time is wasn’t on the ground, it was higher up.  I quickly glanced away from my computer and noticed 3 birds actually bathing in our bird bath.  I told my friend, hung up the phone, grabbed my camera and took about 20 quick pictures.

Here is the view through my lens.  They certainly were a sight to see.  You can click on any image to view them larger.