hanging out at the water COOLER

As usual…I’m sitting in my office, doing something on my computer.  In the corner of my eye, I spy some activity at the bird bath.

I get my camera, my 24-105mm lens is currently on.  I start snapping away at the birds, they are white with black markings and small. They look like they are having fun playing in the water, and soon the 2 turn to 4.  They appear to be chickadees. I realize I need to get a longer lens and get my 100-400mm.  Since I’m shooting through the window,  I have to stay away from the window mullions shadows.  Soon a new friend has arrived, it looks like a creeper. I don’t know these birds off the top of my head I have looked them up in my husbands Eastern Birds handbook.

Ms. Cardinal arrives, but, she is happy on the ground.  I’m thinking, I’ll add bird seed to the birdbath to attract more activity.

Well, that was a mistake!  All I got was a greedy squirrel.

13 thoughts on “hanging out at the water COOLER

  1. I like the little birds. And, I would be delighted if I could manage to get a photo of my squirrel who flies back and forth on the trees from my house to Kelli’s. I can sit on my porch within an easy stone’s through from him, but if I walk outside, he flies! 🙂 Little rascal! I like these a log, Gail. Could I use a 100-400mm? I have no luck with my 105mm!

      1. I have a monopod and I like a heavy lens because I can hold it better without so much tremor. I think the weight helps. I may get one. My old 18-200mm covers most of that range, but I think I’d like one anyway! 😉 Thanks, Gail.

  2. I so enjoy watching the birds at their feeder and I understand why you would want to capture them. They’re such characters, as are your cute dogs!

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