10 thoughts on “more of the SAME

  1. I love these little fellows, Gail. I wish I had more birds and could manage to photograph them. If I leave the screened porch, they fly. Sometimes, I’m tempted to replace one section of screen with a glass window!

  2. You’ve been taking great nature shots, Gail. I finally got a zoom lens for my camera, not a serious one – but serious enough to make it heavy to carry the darn thing around, and you’re inspiring me to try to capture a few creatures. Only problem is I keep cutting off the top of everything!!

    1. My lens is HUGE and heavy. It is not something I would carry around!
      My husband bought if for our Africa trip.
      You just need to get used to it.
      Have FUN! Lay out something for the creatures to come and you will be waiting, and snap!

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