My husband and I went to South Beach in Miami for a few days.  How lucky were we, we enjoyed

1. beautiful weather

2. great friends

3. a fantastic hidden gem our hotel/restaurant

4. great food

We rented scooters, sat by the pool and caught up on our reading.  On our last day the weather was great, so we had our breakfast al fresco.  I caught up with an old friend for an hour. Who happened to be working on a project on Lincoln Road, just a hop-skip-and jump form where we were staying.  My husband caught up on the morning news.  When he was finished he met up with us and caught up with her as well.  We said our goodbyes and decided to spend our last hours at the pool.  It was only around noon and our plane wasn’t leaving until 7:45pm.  We had a 3:30pm check out so we made our way back to the hotel to clean up and finish packing.  Just as we checked out the skies darkened and it looked like it was going to pour.  I wanted to visit the Holocaust Memorial of the Greater Miami  (click on this link to learn more about the memorial).  I had seen it on one of our visits in the past, but, wasn’t able to photograph it.  I did have the opportunity this time.

you can click on any image to see it full size

Some of these sculptures are life size and one is LARGER than life. All are provocative and haunting.  Many emotions are stirred up.  You feel a part of it, able to touch it, feel it, and ache.  I realized that photographing this Memorial allowed me to see it. See it in a completely different way than before. These images have stayed with me, in a way I cannot describe.

As a 4th generation American Jew I find it hard to comprehend what it must have been like to have to pack up your family and leave everything. Some were lucky enough to escape to the United States, South Africa and South America. Unfortunately most were not, and got shipped off to camps.  The majority didn’t survive.  That is why we have these memorials to remind us….. NEVER AGAIN!

14 thoughts on “NEVER AGAIN

  1. Your photos are appropriately haunting. I didn’t know they had a Holocaust Memorial, so thank you for bringing it to my attention! And you’re right, the only way to prevent something like that from happening again is to bring it to our attention in as many ways as necessary.

  2. Oh no, I left a comment but it seems to have disappeared. For all the sadness and horror, I feel a sense of peace through your images. I’d like to see and experience this place someday.

  3. Wonderful job Gail !!! It is so nice to see an Artist try to make a difference…and that is what you are doing here. Again, Great Job XO

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  4. I was almost going to skip your blog b/c I am so behind but took a moment and am glad I did. What an amazing visual of a terrible, horrific life era. God willing won’t happen again.

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