Tonight is the first night of Passover. When we celebrate the emancipation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt. Every year our family gathers together for a Seder. As a child I loved Passover. I was so fidgety having to responsively read the Haggadah. I wanted the Seder to be over so I could find the [...]

not passover SQUIRREL

We are currently on the 6th day of Passover. There is a ritual observant Jews do before Passover starts.  They must clean their homes of all leavened foods.  The hebrew word for this is Chametz. Looks like this guys found ours in the backyard. This squirrel looks like the kids at the end of the Seder, is [...]


My husband and I went to South Beach in Miami for a few days.  How lucky were we, we enjoyed 1. beautiful weather 2. great friends 3. a fantastic hidden gem our hotel/restaurant 4. great food We rented scooters, sat by the pool and caught up on our reading.  On our last day the weather [...]