12 thoughts on “new york VIEWS

    1. Thanks Elisa,
      Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.
      We again were in New York.
      My husbands family lives there. We had dinner at Gotham Bar and Grill.
      Everyone had boring turkey. I chose the rack of lamb. Absolutely scrumptious!
      All the best!

      1. Funny! I spent the two weeks before Thanksgiving trying to convince everyone that a beautiful filet mignon would truly be something to be thankful for. No one took the bait. But we did grill the turkey outside this year, which turned out to be fun, delicious and less messy. Also nice that it was almost 70 degrees! I think I would have loved spending the holiday in New York, too. Sounds festive!

  1. You captured the soul of the city. The many reasons why people go there. Inspiring, beautiful, moving. You captured its magic and we are lucky to see it all through your post. Happy Holidays…

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