“boy do i feel GOOD”

I was out with a friend on Wednesday to have a delicious lunch …to tell you the truth mine was just horrible.

Totally unsatisfied,  we went next store to to the local coffee shop and enjoyed the new small bite desserts they were offering.  I had a red velvet whoopie pie and lemon square. The whoopie pie so satisfying  it made the lemon square too sweet and tart.  My tall non fat foamy misto the perfect accompaniment.

We were getting ready to leave and I noticed a vacant wall.  In the past I have seen various pieces of art hanging there.  I asked to speak with the manager and asked if they were still hanging objects d’art…My luck, no one had signed up for this month.  So what if it already was the 9th of March, I had the rest of the month to display whatever I wanted.

Today I went and hung my pictures, for all to see.  Here is what they look like hanging on the wall.   As Barbara Walters would say “take a little time to enjoy the view”


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