“two TREES”

I have passed the Jamaica Pond so many times and always wanted to get some shots of the sun reflecting on the water.

I was on my way home from Angell Medical Center, I volunteer a few hours a week at the shelter.  I knew, this was going to be my lucky day.  The sun was hitting my windshield, I couldn’t see, so I pulled my visor down.   As I waited for the light to change, (Jamaica Way/Perkins Street intersection), I composed the shot in my head.  I was hoping to see lots of  ducks enjoying a midday swim.  I turned my head, to make sure my camera was still in the backseat. Of course, the moment I decided to turn my head, the light  changed. I was so startled by the loud horn directed at me,  I inadvertently took my foot off the clutch, causing my car to lurched forward, and immediately stall. Though embarrassed, I raised my hand and acknowledge my mistake.  I quickly started my car and took off, leaving the smell of burning rubber behind me.

I turned the corner and discovered the pond was covered in a frozen mess of snow..no ducks, no reflection, nothing!  Dejected, I continued on my way home and noticed Larz Anderson Park on my left.  The trees were magnificent, bathed in sunshine and stark against the white snow and blue sky.

So…I pulled over and took a few picture.

I really liked the composition, but felt it needed something….

original picture

I didn’t like the 2 snow hills, so I removed them,  converted it to black and white and added a surreal effect.

black & white surreal

This birch tree I couldn’t resist.  The blue sky and the highlights of the sun, really make this picture pop!

birch tree

8 thoughts on ““two TREES”

  1. Wow! Another beautiful composition, The stark b&w against the grey sky really represents an entirely different perspective than the original. You did an exquisite job with all three photos.

    On a side note – I must know Boston even better than I thought because as soon as I saw these photos, I thought I was looking at Larz Anderson.

    On another note – as much as I love your photos, pay attention to the road! lol

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