“i feel good PART II”

Last week I was on vacation with my son.  We were just getting ready to eat breakfast, when my phone rang. It was an unfamiliar number so I was reluctant to pick it up. I did and the person on the phone said…”I love elephants and want to buy your picture”.

I was dumbfounded, so I must have sounded a bit aloof.  I told her I was not available now and would like to meet her the following week.  She said sure, and made an appointment to meet on Tuesday (29 March 11) at 9:15.  I called her when I got home to confirm, and was delighted she said yes.

I got to the coffee shop around 9:10 and realized I had no clue what she looked like.  I glanced around to see if anyone was looking at me looking around.  Not a soul was looking in my direction. Everyone was engaged in conversation or with their computer.  I was a little nervous and decided  to call and confirm.  She answered the phone,  told me she was around the corner, and would be there in a few minutes.

I stood by the wall waiting….waiting in anticipation.  She walked right up to me, extended her hand, and introduced herself.  I thought, wow, this was really going to happen. I informed her this was my first sale.  She was genuinely happy for me and herself and inquired about purchasing a picture for her friend.  I thanked her, gave her my business card and watched her walk out of the store.  Coffee in one hand, MY picture in the other, and me with a HUGE smile on my face.

What a great feeling 🙂


14 thoughts on ““i feel good PART II”

  1. Just think how happy she must be to have that beautiful photo! I love this post, a really well told story. Congratulations!!

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