“……reminded ME”

You know that feeling, you wake up (my normal time is between 6:30 and 7:00) glance over at the alarm clock and decide if you will get out of bed or linger.  Since today is Saturday I usually choose to linger, enjoying that extra hour, listening to the morning stories (thanks dgs for introducing me them) on NPR.

Thats not what happened this morning.  I heard a door close and remembered that my daughter must be up. She was taking the ACT test this morning.  The ACT is like the SAT but different.  It has a science component and they do NOT  penalize you for wrong answers.  I got out of bed, and went into her room. She was curled up on her bed and told me she was “resting”.   It was only 7:00am and she didn’t have to be there until 8:00am.  When I came back in from walking the dogs, my daughter was filling up a water bottle and getting read to leave.  I inquired about breakfast, a yogurt, went over directions on how to get to the test location and out the door she went.  Of course I followed and said some silly positive encouraging remarks like, relax, this is your test…your’e going to do great…and watched her go.


my first camera

It reminded me that I went to college almost 35 years ago, seems like yesterday…. this was the camera I took with me.  I really didn’t know how to use it, still don’t.  You actually have to put film in it…..

4 thoughts on ““……reminded ME”

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  2. Well, I would have given Jordan the advice that Eunice Burns gave to Howard Bannister in “What’s Up, Doc?” And that was “Now don’t be nervous and remember…Everything depends on this.”

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