Super Breath Right

I’m sick  I have either a sinus infection or head cold or the flu.  My throat hurt, my nose was stuffed and a had a fever. I was so stuffed up I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep.  I’m not a mouth breather.  I found a bunch of “BreathRights”  You know, you see them on all the football players noses. They wear  designer ones, all black or with the teams logo.  It looks like a piece of tape.  It is like a band aid with a couple of springs inside to keep your nasal passage open.  I put one on before I went to bed and was able to fall asleep.  They really work.  Not sure if they work for football players, but who am I to judge!

The next time you have a stuffed nose, don’t reach for, “the night time sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy, head, fever so you can rest medicine,”  reach for a Breathright.

Great game tonight..happy the Saint’s won.

4 thoughts on “Super Breath Right

  1. I agree…..Great Game and I’m happy the Saints came out on top.

    Good to know about the breath right strips. Sorry the Power Pack didn’t help. Worked like a charms for us.

    Give a call tomorrow. Feel better.

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