On my mind…..

Reading the paper, watching the news or turning on the radio….Everyone is talking about the same thing, Haiti.

How upsetting, to see the devastation and hear the stories.

The desperation on the faces of the Haitian people reminded me of the people living on the streets of Buenos Aires.

These are pictures of a few we encountered.

How lucky we all are to have food to eat and roofs over our heads.

We have wonderful hospitals to take care of us when we are sick. We have schools to educate our children.

Yet, we still complain. We complain about anything and everything.

Let’s all be thankful for what we have and try to give back.  Giving back doesn’t have to have a price tag on it.  I think you know what I’m talking about, let 2010 be the decade for giving back.

2 thoughts on “On my mind…..

  1. Gail,

    It is so devistating to read about all the Haitians waiting for medical help. I donated to Partners in Health the other day. A small way to help when feeling helpless after this tragedy. Still it is hard to evan comprehend what these poor people are going through. And yes, we must count our blessings.

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