It seems that I forgot to tell you all why the trees and soil in our neighborhood were being removed.

Well…You know the new soccer field, a.k.a. Skyline Park.

The land for this field was in close proximity to the old, no longer used incinerator. The abutting neighbors asked to have the soil tested.  They discovered that the soil for the field had toxic ash, so they wanted to have their soil checked as well. Their soil was also found to be positive for toxic ash.  Now the town was going to have to rip up ALL the trees, and remove ALL the soil.  They will be replacing the trees and soil to what was originally there.  Unfortunately, it is going to take a long time to look like the “old neighborhood” again.  Hope this explains things for you.

Here are some Pictures of them taking down the trees and hauling them away. Today while I was walking the dogs, I noticed that the shack is gone, with all the childhood memories that went with it…What a shame.

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