Don’t get me started……!

I took this picture (actually 10 stitched together) before the holidays on my way home from picking my son up at school.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Was it true? Were all the trees on our street really going to be ripped out and chopped up for firewood?  Our 70 year old  street looked like a new development!  Last month you would not have seen that shack or the house behind it.

Of course this reminds me of why we chose to live here….

Let me take you back, way back…October 29, 1993.  I was pregnant and desperate to move out of the city, into a house in the suburbs.   David and I had been looking for houses forever.  We couldn’t seem to find anything that we both liked.   Every Saturday was the same, the broker would come and pick us up, and take us to see 4 or 5 houses.  Today was different, this was a Sunday, just the broker and me.  We turned off of Brookline Street onto Arlington Road.  I had lived my whole life in Newton, gone by this street hundreds of times never knowing this neighborhood existed.

We pulled up to this house, as soon as I looked, I knew it was going to be mine.  Today was the day.  Today was the  anniversary of my Mom’s death.  It was going to be a good day.  We walked into the the house and I got chills. Of course there were things I wanted to change, but we could do that later.  I needed to take David back that evening to see the house, so he could fall in love with it too.

We made an immediate offer.  I think that it is best to do research before you actually make an offer, so, we took back our original offer and countered.  They refused we went to Florida, and the house was sold to another party.

Long Story short, luck was on our side, the new owners from TEXAS hated the house and we ended up getting the house a couple months later for the counter offer.

If you want to see more of my pictures.  Have a look at my new PHOTO website. You can click on the grsphoto link at the right.

6 thoughts on “Don’t get me started……!

  1. A sad commentary (photo-wise) of what’s happening in the world today. Tell this to the ignorant people who don’t think there’s any such thing to global warming because we’re having such a “cold winter.” Ugh. Republicans exhaust me with their idiotic and selfish attitudes when it comes to anyone but themselves.

    1. Actually the trees were torn down because the was contaminated with toxic ash from the incinerator. They discovered this when the new soccer field was built.
      It is next to Martha’s Lane.
      I do agree with you in regard to global warming!

      1. I agree with you Gail about the Global warming. Love your Blog site. Very dynamic hi pace intense as you are. Great Job. I did not get it re the connection between the wood/tree and the republicans. However will avoid to put any political comments here.
        I do not know where is your photos blog.

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