Tonight, while walking my dogs, ( freezing in the 14 degree weather)  I happened to come upon some tracks in the snow. You will notice that the quality of these photos are not good.  They were taken in the evening with my no flash iPhone.  These tracks are of my smaller poodle (12lbs) Rodie. You know these are canine paw prints.  You can see, each individual pad has made an indentation in the snow.

I was  perplexed with this set of foot prints and it took me awhile to figure out who made these tracks.  Do you have a guess?

I spotted these in my neighbors yard.  My dogs really enjoyed sniffing around these little prints.  What surprised me most about these tracks was tI hadn’t seen this animal anywhere.  It must have come out the woods looking for food.

So..if you think you know what animals made these tracks, either reply here, or shoot me an email .  I will get back to you with the correct answers.

Thanks for looking…

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