dressed to KILL

Last night I went to a Cher concert at the TD Garden in Boston.  You will never guess who the opening act was.  Pat Benatar.  I know, you’re scratching your head!

Cher, she was fantastic.  Her voice didn’t have the same vibrato she had back in 1999, when I saw the Believe Tour.  But, she is 67 years YOUNG.  Her body still looks great, and she certainly moved and danced on stage.  Even after having foot surgery 5 months ago!  She told us she still could fit into “If I Could Turn Back Time” outfit.  Looks like she was telling the truth!

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If you want to see more of CHER, and all the outfits she wore, click on her name.

Here is her set list: Woman’s World Strong Enough Dressed to Kill The Beat Goes On I Got You Babe Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves Dark Lady Half-Breed Welcome to Burlesque You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me Take It Like a Man Walking in Memphis Just Like Jesse James Heart of Stone Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (performed by background vocalists) I Found Someone If I Could Turn Back Time Believe I Hope You Find It

Who would think that Pat Benatar and her husband Neil Giraldo would appeal to the Cher crowd.

They sang of all our favorites: Shadows of the Night All Fired Up Invincible We Live For Love Promises In The Dark We Belong Hit Me With Your Best Shot Love Is a Battlefield ENCORE: Let’s Stay Together Heartbreaker/Ring of Fire.

They didn’t disappoint.  Her voice is still strong and she certainly hit us with her best shot!

Click the picture to see more pictures from their set!

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22 thoughts on “dressed to KILL

  1. Seriously, I much prefer Pat Benatar. I still listening to her music and I still loving it. I am still listening a lot of 80′ pop music. But not Cher… 😉

  2. Funny! Before even seeing Meho’s comment I was going to say the same thing. I;ve always loved Pat benatar’s voice and songs. Cher, not so much.

  3. Thats pretty wild that Pat Benatar was the opening act, I always listened to her music in the 80’s. I haven’t heard her voice lately but thats cool that you say she still sounds good (I always cheer for fellow Long Islanders). Great shots 🙂

  4. Gail, both are cultural icons who were an important part of our country’s musical landscape for the past 50 + years. Kudos to them both for taking care of themselves and for still being able to ROCK IT!! Love them both….glad you had fun!!

    1. With them on the stage, it was hard NOT to have FUN! 2 rows in front of us, 2 ladies were so drunk they were escorted out by security after Pat & Neil’s set. One puked and fell into the seats in the row in front of her. We sat next to 4 guys who must have gotten up to get beer’s 10 times..for every beer they got they had to go and give to back (bathroom break).

  5. Cher is a rocker at heart and loves Pat Benatar. Benatar began as a trained soprano opera singer and “fell into rock” almost by accident. She also admires all kinds of music and is a big Cher fan. The admiration is mutual. I love both artists and as much as I love Cyndi Lauper, I’m unhappy because I’ve seen Lauper numerous times but never had the chance to see and hear Benatar live, and from what I’ve heard, her voice is as great as it was 30 years ago. Benatar is leaving and being replaced by Lauper next week. Anyway, the reason I came here was to praise Gail photos. They are spectacular (as always) and I’ll bet Cher, Pat and Neil would all be thrilled to see them. I wonder if you could forward copies to their PR peeps? It’s an idea. 🙂

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