a new START

I don’t know about you, but, I have no clue where most of my pictures are.  I shoot my pictures in raw format. Then I edit them in Adobe Camera Raw. I save them as .jpgs or tweak them a bit in Photoshop. Then I might make a folder on my desktop, or one of many external hard drives. Most of my CF cards are filled with old raw files, I haven’t reformatted them in fear I might be in need of the original.  With that being said, I have purged my computers hard drive of all pictures and am starting anew. I put all the files onto a 2TB portable hard drive, thinking they will all be in one place.  I’m taking a new photography class, that has a Lightroom component. I hope it will help me catalog them all in ONE place.  Wish me LUCK!

OH…I stumbled onto this, boy do I miss his energy out there on the court!


19 thoughts on “a new START

  1. Its pretty hard to always be clean with our images files. I also will have to clean up all my files from every pictures that I don’t want to keep. This hard job are coming soon. Courage! Nice picture by the way!

  2. OH PLEASE send me some of your organizational skills, I need them in a big way! Love the Celtics, they’ll always be America’s team to me. Also, I love your new look!!

    1. thank YOU!!!!
      Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce are now Brooklyn Nets and Ray Allen is on the Miami Heat…Rondo is broken, acl tear, hasn’t played yet this season!
      Hope it has warmed UP in ATL!

  3. That’s one powerful photo, Gail. I love it. I have photos everywhere too. I’ve tried all kinds of graphics viewing and organizing stuff. Nothing helps me. I have Lightroom and read that it is great for organizing and workflow. I dunno’. I back up to an external drive and online storage, but organization is beyond me, apparently. Let us know if you find the magic bullet! 🙂

  4. Hi Gail. Best way I find to keep a concise and easy to locate catalogue of my many images is to first, with my images folder, create a folder for each batch of shots using the date and subject for those images as the folder name, eg: “2014.01.15 Chloe” this way, my folders of shots are listed in chronological order. Then, for the shots I want to put in that folder I rename the whole batch with the same name as the folder I have just created and each becomes numbered in brackets, after the filename, eg: “2014.01.15 Chloe”(1) etc. This makes it very easy to archive each new batch of shots and also extremely easy to locate either by browsing through your image folder by date or, by using the search option. (Date has to be in reverse yyyy.mm.dd for your folders to be listed in perfect chrono-order). I hope this helps? Best, Rob.

      1. Takes a little discipline to start with, Gail, but it will help you especially if you have a large quantity of files. I actually prefer this method to Lightroom’s catalogue feature. Quick and easy. For cataloging RAW files I rename same way as processed JPGs and keep them on a larger, separate drive, just in case. Good luck! ;0) R.

  5. I am so glad that you are starting fresh. Your work is so great, it is a shame not to know where the photos are. It’s a lot of work to keep it organized, but in your case it is REALLY worth it! I love the Garnett photo!!

  6. I do not exactly understand, where your central Problem is to find…
    Why are you saving all raws on your Memory cards? What a waste of memory space and money!
    You should move all RAW and Jpg data in one new folder on you pc harddisk after each Photo Session. The folder gets the Name of the date perhaps One or two keywords concerning the content. The RAW data in these folders can be opened normally in Camera RAW.
    The soroughfully named folders give a first structure to find your data later in time. With Photoshop Bridge or lightroom or similar Software you then can Index your photographs and Tag them with keywords. Lightroom enables you to put All flower Photos in One “virtual folder” without moving the data physically on you hard Drive.
    It’s easy, but of course you need disciplin and time…

    1. I know, that is what I am trying to do it…I’m not as disciplined as most people. When I finally start using Lightroom, I think it will happen. I wasn’t a fan of the Bridge component in PS.
      Thanks for your encouragement!!!

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