I’m going to be taking some interior pictures on Friday. My 28mm f/2.8 isn’t wide enough, my 24-105mm f/4L lens, doesn’t let in enough light.  So, I bought a 14mm f/2.8 Rokinon lens, thinking it would fill the void. I like to use natural light, the truth is, I stink at flash photography.

Yesterday I took it on a out for a spin. This is the first picture I took.

fun_1Interesting, I like the composition, thought it was sharp enough for my needs and, I liked the rainbow sun flare.

Then I took this picture, nothing really special.


My next picture was something else.

I adjusted my shutter speed to 1/20 and twirled my camera. I just loved what I got, and continued twirling and taking shots.  I felt like an artist. I was painting. My brush was my camera and my canvas were the boats. This is result.


Here some more of the shots I took.  I really had fun taking them.

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