Last night my husband gave me my Hanukkah present. A Canon 5d mark iii. Tonight I took 2 pictures of the moon. One with the full frame Canon 5d mark iii and one with the crop sensor Canon 60d.  Can you tell the difference?

I decided to compare the pictures.  The settings are different because I didn’t shoot them at the same time.

Would have reshot, but the moon went away.  Click on the picture to view it full size.


Canon 5D mark iii f/8 – 1/160 – iso 400


Canon 60d f/7.1 – 1/100 – iso 800

33 thoughts on “new CAMERA

  1. I do see a difference. Have you tried shooting with the same settings on both cameras to see the results? The 5D seems to have significantly more detail given the lower ISO. Did you meter on the same spot on the moon? It might be interesting to see if you took the same shot with the same settings at as close to the same time and see how much difference there is in image quality. I imagine there will be quite a difference due to the processor differences and crop vs. full-sensor.

  2. Both photos are fantastic. The detail and black background are a little better on the second one, but the time and settings were different so it would be a bit of an unfair comparison. The second one has a bit of glare along the edge, but the craters are prominent. Depends on which you like better. I’d be thrilled into a faint if I got anywhere close to such beautiful moon shots! Do you like the new camera? JC has a Canon, and I was thinking of upgrading for him.

    1. the 5DMKIII is a very good improvement in the Canon lineup especially the low light performance, the auto focusing, plus the focus points… it truly is a remarkable piece of equipment…

  3. Great shots of the moon, Lucky you a brand new camera lots of fun getting used to it!

    I have a very basic 360D but I find it lots of fun and different lenses make all the difference

    Happy shooting


    (Essex UK)

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