Still life….or NOT

Our assignment today was to bring in something to photograph.  My friend Susan suggested I bring in a flower arrangement. So, I went to Winston’s and picked out a plant.  I picked this plant because I thought it looked interesting.  I told the salesperson I would be taking it to class to photograph I asked her to put it in a glass vase ,and wrap a banana leaf around it first.  She suggested to wrap it with a piece of birch bark.  What a great idea.  It would it give the plant another dimension  Some texture and depth.  I knew, I was going to get great pictures.  Our teacher brought in shells, rocks, roses, pieces of lace, twigs, paper and even an xmas ornament.  He had 3 tables set up. One of the shells, one with my plant on half the table and a statue on the other.  There also was a light table, it had the twigs, paper and other assorted goodies.  There were, about 10 of us, all with our tripods in each other’s way.  I had to position my tripod, just so, in between the table, the person next to me and the light fixture.  I decided to stay in my little corner for the most part. I finally did wander towards the end of class.  I stepped very gingerly, holding my tripod high up so I wouldn’t get in anyone’s way. The whole time I had been shooting I had my eye on old fan, sitting all alone, in the corner. To me it was the most interesting piece in the room! i had to take some pictures of it.  I did, have a look for yourself.  You can click on each picture to get a closer look, have a try.  So, I was right. The best picture I took today, was the one that I shouldn’t have taken.

Live and learn…as Forest Gump said, life is like a box of chocolates, you don’t know what you get till you take a bite!

Hope you like these pictures.

It took a long time to format this……enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Still life….or NOT

  1. Thanks, Gail! Funny, I really like the rose & burlap photo. The contrast in their textures strikes me as really interesting. Great shot – great shots!! Keep it up. 🙂

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