“iPhone CRACKED”

Yesterday I dropped my phone, facedown onto the concrete pavement. I just had an argument with my daughter, it was something so stupid , I can't remember what it was.  Wait, I know, it was about driving in the snow.  My daughter got her license in October. She is a new driver, and has no [...]


People are always complaining about the weather here in Boston.  You know that old saying, wait a minute and it will change.  Yesterday was an unexpected pleasure.  The forecast for the day, 50 degrees.  To me, it felt like a beach day.  I took the opportunity to sun myself, like a lizard, while I watched [...]

A Snowy Walk Game

Tonight, while walking my dogs, ( freezing in the 14 degree weather)  I happened to come upon some tracks in the snow. You will notice that the quality of these photos are not good.  They were taken in the evening with my no flash iPhone.  These tracks are of my smaller poodle (12lbs) Rodie. You [...]