“iPhone CRACKED”

Yesterday I dropped my phone, facedown onto the concrete pavement.

Do you think it still works?

I just had an argument with my daughter, it was something so stupid , I can’t remember what it was.  Wait, I know, it was about driving in the snow.  My daughter got her license in October. She is a new driver, and has no experience of driving in the snow.  I was a bit apprehensive (who am I kidding, irrationally hysterical) about her driving!   We were on our way home from an earlier appointment.  The snow had accumulated and the roads were getting slippery.  On the way home she suggested that she take herself to her appointment.  By the time we got home our conversation had escalated.  We were not talking about driving anymore…it was more about trust.  I was aggravated, grabbed all my stuff and headed for the door.  My phone was resting precariously in my left hand.  I took my first step, I could feel  the phone falling out of my hand.  The next thing  I heard was the crackle of the shattering glass, after it hit the garage floor.  I looked down, then looked up at my daughter.  I was upset, I knew my phone was shattered and wanted to blame her.  If we hadn’t had that argument, I would have calmly gotten out of the car and taken all my belongings safely with me.

I can't believe it still works!!!!!!

Instead, I’m angry, and my phone is smashed!  I really didn’t want her driving alone in the snow.  What was I going to do?  The first thing I know I need to do was call AT&T to find out how to get my phone fixed.  He told me I need to take it to my local Apple Store and they would either give me a new one or fix it.  They assured me it wasn’t going to cost more than $199.  $199, I can get a new phone for that price, what to do?  Should I fix it…upgrade to iPhone 4 or wait for Verizon?

My visit to the Apple store will have to wait, my daughter still has that appointment to get to…We compromise, she drives, I’m passenger.


I’m surprised how quickly she has “adapted” to the elements and how badly I haven’t.  I feign confidence,  tell her the roads are slippery, apply light pressure on the brakes and explain quickly about the ABS system (you know when the brakes take on a life of their own and you feel like you have no control over the car).  I praise her newly acquired tactical skills and wait for her to take us home.

Off we go to the Mall.  Me to the Apple Store my daughter chooses to walk around.  I walk into the store and immediately encounter 10 Apple employees all wearing bright red fleeces.  ‘Tis the season….I give my name to the concierge and wait my turn.  Raj finds me and I present him my phone, “no problem, I will take care of it.  You just need a new glass screen, cost $99.00  I’m relieved  my phone will be fixed and  I won’t have to decide on upgrading my phone at this time.  Raj is done and ready to check me out.  I hand him my credit card,  he attempts many times to put the repair order into the system. He reports the system will not allow him to charge for the repair.  I leave, my phone fixed, no charge.  Thank you Apple computer!!!

All fixed 🙂

4 thoughts on ““iPhone CRACKED”

  1. I have felt the frustration and anger that occurs when you create an accident, because of a conversation that is aggravating and leading down the wrong road. ( Especially with the kids! ) I am just happy that Apple was able to give you a quick fix for no cost! This summer my new Ipad fell out of my beach bag, while we were getting in the car, and someone drove over it.The screen was in a million pieces. When I went back to get it fixed,I saw the manager and I showed her the condition of my IPad, they told me they would have to replace it and that it would be $199.00 ( which I thought was more than fair!)When I went to pick it up the guy told me that the manager had made a note to override the charge and I got a brand new IPad. Apple completley gets customer service! The manager knows that I am in there all the time, and have bought several computers etc.. She was impowered by Apple to do what she thought was right! Sometimes it does pay to be nice and show loyality to a store! I am glad your phone is fixed.. And I hope your daughter knows that you do trust her, you just want her to be careful!! Happy New Year!

  2. I am one year ahead of you and still feel the anxiety of having a daughter driving in the snow. It is so hard to think of them out there, but so important that they get the experience they need to handle difficult driving conditions. You are brave to be the passenger! I have to play solitaire on my phone and not look up to get through it. Loved reading about your phone – so glad to hear that Apple is so nice to customers. Happy New Year!

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