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another HELP!!!

Thank you all for helping me with the last challenge.  Here are the two pictures chosen to be sold on

too many HEADS
look DOWN

Here are my new submissions.

Your votes really help.  Click on the next picture and it will take you to the link to vote.

Scroll down to Gail Schechter and vote for my pictures.  I really appreciate your HELP!



a new START

I don’t know about you, but, I have no clue where most of my pictures are.  I shoot my pictures in raw format. Then I edit them in Adobe Camera Raw. I save them as .jpgs or tweak them a bit in Photoshop. Then I might make a folder on my desktop, or one of many external hard drives. Most of my CF cards are filled with old raw files, I haven’t reformatted them in fear I might be in need of the original.  With that being said, I have purged my computers hard drive of all pictures and am starting anew. I put all the files onto a 2TB portable hard drive, thinking they will all be in one place.  I’m taking a new photography class, that has a Lightroom component. I hope it will help me catalog them all in ONE place.  Wish me LUCK!

OH…I stumbled onto this, boy do I miss his energy out there on the court!