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another HELP!!!

Thank you all for helping me with the last challenge.  Here are the two pictures chosen to be sold on

too many HEADS
look DOWN

Here are my new submissions.

Your votes really help.  Click on the next picture and it will take you to the link to vote.

Scroll down to Gail Schechter and vote for my pictures.  I really appreciate your HELP!



this is an EXPERIMENT

At the gym this morning, my trainer told me about an experiment she did with HOT water.  She put it in a cup and threw the water in the air, it was so cold out it turned into a vapor.

I asked her if we could do it again, but add something red to it.  Here is what happened.

The red “stuff” fell to the ground and the water evaporated creating a vapor!

Click on the pictures to see it up CLOSE!