another new CAMERA

I have been taking pictures with a dslr for about 10 years, when my husband bought me a Canon 20d.  It literally ROCKED my world.  I moved up the Canon ladder to a 40d, moved to a full frame 5d and in December 2012, I got a 5d mark iii.  Canon’s latest and greatest consumer full frame Canon. I love this camera, but it is heavy!  Now, so many new cameras have being announced I felt it was time to check them out.

I had my eyes set on the full frame Sony a7 and the crop sensor Olympus OM d EM1.  Both are great camera’s.  I decided on the full frame Sony. I’m still getting used to the controls, they are a bit clunky, compared to the big dslr!

I took these pictures yesterday, it was so cold that when we woke up there was snow on the ground.  Look at the icicles on the bottom of the bird feeder (it’s about 20 feet away).

These pictures were taken in manual mode, shot raw and edited in Lightroom.  I used the Sony Zeiss 1.8 55mm lens.

What do you think???  I think they look pretty good, even straight out of the camera!

10 thoughts on “another new CAMERA

  1. I wouldn’t know the difference between those cameras and lenses except that all of your photos look great. “Do you prefer very dry sherry?” “I wouldn’t know the difference between dry or wet.” Now why did I think of that?

  2. Congratulations on the new camera & the free fertilizer from your Canadian Geese…Ziess lens. They used to make lenses for my Contax camera. I can’t afford a real SLR digital Contax lens anymore 😦 or ever. I dropped my camera on Sunday & cracked the display in half. Its like the olden days where I have to wait to see what I shot, instead of just looking…But the camera works fine…Sorry you have icicles! ~amy

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