another new CAMERA

I have been taking pictures with a dslr for about 10 years, when my husband bought me a Canon 20d.  It literally ROCKED my world.  I moved up the Canon ladder to a 40d, moved to a full frame 5d and in December 2012, I got a 5d mark iii.  Canon’s latest and greatest consumer full frame Canon. I love this camera, but it is heavy!  Now, so many new cameras have being announced I felt it was time to check them out.

I had my eyes set on the full frame Sony a7 and the crop sensor Olympus OM d EM1.  Both are great camera’s.  I decided on the full frame Sony. I’m still getting used to the controls, they are a bit clunky, compared to the big dslr!

I took these pictures yesterday, it was so cold that when we woke up there was snow on the ground.  Look at the icicles on the bottom of the bird feeder (it’s about 20 feet away).

These pictures were taken in manual mode, shot raw and edited in Lightroom.  I used the Sony Zeiss 1.8 55mm lens.

What do you think???  I think they look pretty good, even straight out of the camera!


Today I went to the In Your Face exhibit by Mario Testino, at the Museum of Fine Arts.  Mario Testino  is a Peruvian fashion photographer. His work has been featured in magazines such as Vogue and Vanity Fair. His career highpoint came when he was chosen by Princess Diana for her Vanity Fair photoshoot in 1997. Wikipedia

The Photographs were larger than life.  They were big, bright and provocative.

The large color photographs were commercial,  over the top, photo shoots for various magazines.  Dispersed among the large color photographs were some small black and whites.  I think the bulk of them looked like they were his personal “party” candids.

At the end of the exhibit my daughter and I were talking about which one we liked the best.  I was surprised we both liked the same one of Courtney Love.  The photograph is so vidid in person. Her green eyes almost pop out of the picture.  The way her make up was applied, suggested (to me) that she could have just been in a fight. It is sandwiched between a small black and white head shot of an angelic looking Emma Watson, and a candid party shot.  The comparison between these two pictures is outstanding, Courtney looks so fragile and vulnerable, while the other 2 look almost perfect.  I don’t know what he does to elicit and capture that moment, but, something about all of them have a special feeling.

All these pictures were taken with my iPhone, so I must apologize for the poor quality.  If you’re in Boston in the near future (exhibit ends Febrarury 3), I would recommend a visit to the MFA.  There are also some photographs of Royals on another floor.  I was asked to put my phone away, hence no pictures.

Here is a link to the New York Times review.  You can click on any picture to see it full screen if you’d like.