eat me like me blog ME

This arrived yesterday, Lakrids licorice.  Sweet black licorice, covered with Belgium chocolate and dusted with licorice powder.  We discovered it this summer, in Copenhagen, at a small kiosk in Tivoli Gardens.  I ordered some from their website when we got home. One canister arrived in perfect condition, the other the chocolate had melted.  After a round of emails with customer service, they sent me a brand new one.  Thank you Casper!  If you’re a licorice fan, you have got to try them.

That is the extra large container, filled with 160 of these delectable individually wrapped candies.  You can see the small piece of black licorice nestled in the middle of the chocolate.  The licorice taste is nothing like it’s american bitter counterpart, it is sweet.   I’m just doing what the sticker says.

eat me like me blog ME.

10 thoughts on “eat me like me blog ME

  1. GOOD Black licorice is yummy. Then to top it off with chocolate..Hopefully dark.. OMG…My mouth is watering thinking about this!

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