really RIHANNA ….

Last night I went to a Rihanna concert in Boston. This was rescheduled because Rihanna had cancelled her last one, due to laryngitis.

I was part of a group who had purchased this as a charity auction item. How fun to be with a bunch of women kicking back in a suite….

She was 3 hours late, the sound was horrible and I think she lip-synced. I knew maybe 4 or 5 songs, which were barely recognizable to me.

She strutted and gyrated across the stage. She changed her outfit 4 or 5 times, and even did a walk around of the front section. Somehow she always managed  to end up on the same corner of the stage.

I wonder if she chose this spot because, she needed to know what city she was in, and what songs she was going to perform?

She didn’t apologize for her lateness or really engage with the crowd at all.

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I’m not really of fan of her morals either…

8 thoughts on “really RIHANNA ….

  1. I feel sorry for you, with Madonna was the same last year in Florence!
    where are the concerts from the past where the performer came when he had to come and sing his songs really him and not a stupid band ? Madonna after the last song suddenly went away and all the audience was thinking she comes back to give a last gift to the awaiting crowd…………she never came back! By the way beautiful photos 🙂

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