It all started with a benign Facebook profile picture.

I was on Facebook and was sick of looking at my current profile picture.  I had just completed a 10 week photography class.  Our teacher assigned us the task of taking a self portrait.  There was no way I was going to be able to take a serious picture of myself.  I was going to be different, in fact clever. I would take a few pictures of myself sitting on the sofa, then combine them together using Photoshop.


I uploaded an artistic stylized version of the picture on the bottom to Facebook, and then immediately removed it. I thought, this doesn’t look me. Do I even have a picture that represents ME?  Sure, it may physically look like me, but it isn’t me.

I thought, WHO am I?  I had this conversation with my husband.  He felt I defined MYSELF by my relationships.  I was the daughter, the wife, the friend of……  I think I may have agreed with him them. But, that was more than 25 years ago!  I didn’t even have kids yet. Now I’m 55 years old, considered middle aged.  Wow, when did that happen?

I’m the mother of 2 children.  One a freshman in college and the other a junior attending boarding school.  My daily routine has changed.  I am no longer responsible for the inquiring (nagging) of, is your homework done? What do you want for dinner?  It’s time for bed! AND, the all important, making sure they are up in the morning!

Now it’s just me my husband and the dogs, every day is different…



Pure unconditional LOVE!

Life is GOOD!  (today)

17 thoughts on “a self PORTRAIT

  1. Gail, you are such a good photographer. And now I see that you are a good graphics artist too! I always love the photos of your husband and the dogs. The last image is priceless and the tones perfect. You know, I always associate the early photograph of your legs crossed on the bow of a boat as being Gail. I may be wrong, but that’s the image I have of you from my first encounter with your blog. When I think about your blog, the images of your husband come to mind. I think you emerge in them. They are always tender or playful, but never without emotion. Alive, I guess.

    I agree that it is difficult to capture ourselves as we see us. I dislike photographs of me. I always think I am ugly beyond redemption. I suppose it’s because my personality never comes out of the photo. I love these photos of Gail and her Nemesis. 😉 This is a wonderful post, Gail. I am going to friend you on FB so I can see your posts when you post.

    I loved this post.

  2. Cute dogs! The photos of you are super creative and turned out great! I am currently in the what’s for dinner is your homework done and go to bed phase. Kind of looking forward to the next…:)

  3. These are so Gailie. I love them and David looks adorable too! You’re a talented artist with a great sense of design. K

  4. Very nice! Wanted to do something similar for quite some time 😀
    But the thought having more than one Charlie in one picture is too frightening for me…
    But my favourite shot is this candid picture of your husband and the dogs. Just great!

  5. Very thought provoking my FB photo looks like me but is not like me in the least taken at a wedding wearing a HAT! I love your PS manipulated pics showing your quirky personality


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