My husband had been going to the annual Big Brother of Boston golf tournament since it started.

They always have a big silent and live auction.  This year my husband came home with 4 tickets to Aerosmith.

We had great seats and even the kids enjoyed it!

Guess what…yup, I took a lot of pictures and made a small slide show.

The other picture is of me and Joey Kramer at the 2009 annual Big Brother Event.

(80’s rock and roll theme, Blondie performed..don’t you think I look like her)


Click on the picture of Steve Tyler and Joe Perry to watch.

tyler & perry
me and joey kramer
(areosmith drummer)

16 thoughts on “aerosmith

  1. So envious of you. What fantastic photos you took! You are so lucky! I loved film clips. I am a huge fan of Aerosmith. My favorite band of all time. I wanted to see them when they came to Olympia, not too far from PDX, but I wanted the backstage tickets. $1250 per person, we stayed home. Thanks for sharing.

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