enjoying the MFA

Yesterday we had a wonderful time exploring the new Linde wing which houses the contemporary art collection of the MFA.

I realized I don’t understand contemporary art.   A few words in NEON on the wall, a splash of paint on a canvas, voila ART.

You may like it, or maybe you don’t .. that’s the point.  I think contemporary art is made to a be provocative.

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The renovation of the “old West” wing is beautiful.  I loved being able to see the old buildings, through the new floor to ceiling windows.

They even took out the old escalator and replaced it with a staircase that matches the one in the new American Wing.

I remember when the new West wing opened in 1981.  Riding up the escalator in awe at The Passage of the Delaware  an extra large painting of George Washington (which is back on display in the new American wing).

We sat at the counter in the new cafe, had lunch and people watched.

Fun couple of hours!

4 thoughts on “enjoying the MFA

  1. Contemporary art is something that not everyone appreciates, even as an artist I can tell you that most of the time we don’t know how much time or effort went into it. Maybe if people did they would appreciate it just for that reason 🙂

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