“july FOURTH”

Happy belated 4th of July….

This year we watched the fireworks from Larz Anderson Park which is about 6 miles west of the Esplanade.

I heard there was a clear view towards Boston and I thought I would be able to get some great shots.

Around 10:00, we (6 of us) pilled into our 5 seat sedan, and made our way over to Larz Anderson. The fireworks were scheduled to go off at 10:30.  We got to Larz Anderson and they were not letting in any cars in.  We were lucky to find a spot in front of  the entrance on Avon St.  We walked up the road to the top of the hill.  I thought it best to set up my camera on the road, instead of the grass.   I set my camera settings…iso 100, aperture f.8 and started with a shutter speed of 10 seconds, and settled in around 3 second.

You would think you would want a fast shutter speed, to capture the fireworks.  Actually the best pictures are the ones that allow the trails and additional bursts.  Theoretically this sounds great.  In actuality it is hard to achieve.  Most of the pictures I shot had camera, ground and general movement of some kind.  This movement made my pictures look  like my curly hair.

Stars & Stipes

Have a look at the slide show and see for yourself, just click on the flag!

2 thoughts on ““july FOURTH”

  1. Gail, those are amazing photos of the fireworks. The 4th is my Birthday…….I get quite the celebration each year don’t I?

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