The World is a WEB

So, yesterday my husband was working in the backyard and suggested I come outside with my camera.  What did he show me?  The most perfect spider WEB I have ever seen.  In the middle of this perfect WEB, a small spider sat waiting…

I did a quick google search and discovered this was a Wheel WEB, made by an orb spider.

If you’re interested, click this link to see how it is made.

Construction of a spider orb WEB

I took many pictures of this WEB, from different angles.  I even threw water on it to get it to glisten in the sun.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I spent half as much time taking the pictures than editing them on my computer!

I also googled the definition of  WEB, “an intricate trap that entangles or ensnares its victim”  like the orb spider, we are all just waiting…waiting in the WEB.

I see it everyday.  At restaurants, walking down the street, sitting on a bench.  We are not interacting with each other.  We are on our phones talking, playing or plugged into  iPods.  We are checking mail, looking at Facebook, posting some tidbit of information we think others may find amusing.

After all, who am I to judge.  I’m a victim of the WEB myself.  I spend more time surfing the web, editing pictures, and g-d knows what else. Writing nonsense blogs….

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