Vision 5K Walk

First Happy Father’s Day and a big Thanks  for all who supported us for this wonderful cause.
Today was a real eye opener, I was lucky enough to have Jacob as my guide.
When I first put on the blindfold I didn’t know what to expect.
Jordan and I practiced being lead around, by David and Jacob.
Jordan and David had done this before David blindfold, and Jordan his guide.
Now it was Jordan’s turn to be lead. That was the practice, it was now time for the real walk to begin.
We started off very slowly.  I was unaware of my surroundings,  but cognizant of all the noises.   The first time I heard
a car pass by me, I grabbed Jacob’s arm very forcefully, and pulled myself close to him.  He reassured me we were fine, and not in
any Danger.   Jacob was positive and talkative which allowed me to relax.  He told me I had a tendency to walk towards the left,
as he guided me back into place.  I noticed that my body adapted a different gait and my head seemed  tilted towards the right.
It took me about 10 minutes to get comfortable.  I complained I was hot, and Jacob asked me if I wanted any water.
I declined, and we continued on.    I heard someone say we were one mile down.  Jacob told me there was a water station ahead,
asked if I wanted any and  handed me my cup.  We stopped for a moment to drink, and  I asked where were Jordan and Daddy.
He said they were ahead of us, and then I noticed Jacob take control.  He maneuvered us  through, what seemed like a sea of people.
I heard many conversations as we forged ahead.   We caught up to D&J said hello and continued on our own.
Jacob talked about the movie he and David had seen the night before.  I was totally engaged in his conversation, I’m normally  too distracted.
I kept pulling my arm away, complaining, Jacob continued to reposition my arm, insisting this was the best and safest grip.  I was enjoying
this role reversal he the protector, me the exposed.

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We were told we were at the 2 mile point and I heard the person next to me say we had been walking for about 38 minutes.  I asked
Jacob again where we were in relation to David and Jordan.  He told me he spotted them ahead and said there was an opening  and we should run.
He took my hand and entwined his fingers with mine, gently but confident and off we went.  I was amazed that we ran as one. We caught up to them
quickly and passed them by. They caught up to us and continued to run ahead.  By this point we were hot and sticky.
We went back to our previous pace and continued on to the finish.  Our time about an hour, not bad.
You would think that I would be telling you about my experience as an “unsighted” person.
I was vulnerable, afraid and unsure of surroundings.
I know I take for granted my ability to see the things around me.
Today I got to see something I never really get to see, my Son!

2 thoughts on “Vision 5K Walk

  1. Gail,
    What a great experience you all did and for a good cause. I know it was hot! Enjoyed reading about that adventure. MJ

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