I still LOVE my camera

It was really a nice day yesterday. I was on my way home, driving on Langley Road.  I thought to myself…mmmm, JP Licks.  What a great time to go, 5:15, not a soul would be around, I would be quick. I parked my car and started to head down the street.  Who do I see, Drew Hyman a local photographer, who has documented many special occasions for some of my friends. I noticed he was carrying his camera. Of course, I stopped him, and told him “I” had the same lens.  Even though they really weren’t.  His is a 70-200mm and mine 100-400mm.  He said, you must have gone on a safari or something. I said yeah, I did, and immediately went back to my car to grab my pseudo business cards. You know, the ones I had made up with all the pictures I took from Africa. He politely listened to me babble on about some of them, and that one of them was “featured” on Red Bubble, a photography website.

This  is the picture that was featured.

I told him, some people think I should frame my pictures, and hang them in coffee shops.  Of course, I said…NO….I don’t think I’m good enough.  I’m doing this because I love taking pictures.

Would it be fun anymore if I did this for a living?  Do I want the responsibility of taking pictures of peoples weddings and special occasions?  Would my pictures live up to their expectations?

That is something to think about……!

Drew does, here is his website.  http://photographybydrew.com

12 thoughts on “I still LOVE my camera

  1. Really nice of you to mention our meeting yesterday and sending out my website to all your fans. I thought that a lot of your photographs were really beautiful, well lit and composed – you do have talent. My feeling is that if people want to pay you for your abilities, you’re passionate and caring about the results so it should work out great – if it’s too stressful, then don’t do it. You may actually get better as you try to give your “clients” their money’s worth. I’m happy to help you if you need anything.

  2. Yummy, I love the leopard licking his chops. His rounded shape nestled in the tree is beautiful. I like the leaves , they look like his spots.
    I also like the baby elephant surrounded by the brush. It looks like a Warhol …
    I’d pay for your photography in a heart beat. So many people will enjoy your photos if you display them in coffee shops , Salon Mario Russo.. Museum of Fine Arts Dec sale…. The possibilites are endless. Take the leap, we’ll all support you…promise

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