Schechter South African Adventure

I have finally put together my South African trip movie.

We were on 8 planes and spent approx 4o+ hours in the air.

I read 1.5 books watched  7 movies, drank, ate and slept and that was only on the plane.

We spent 2 days in Zambia,in the small town of  Livingston.  It is named after Dr. David Livingston (I presume).  We stayed on the Zambezi river and enjoyed a sunset cruise and the sites the river offered. We marveled at the breathtaking Victoria Falls, and visited a local village named Simonga.  What an eye opener!

Onto the Timbavati Private Reserve for  Safari.  3 days of game drives. Each morning there would be a knock on our door at 5:15am.  Tea and Coffee was at 5:45am and in the jeep by 6:00.  Back at camp for a hearty breakfast at 10:00…free until high tea at 3:00pm.  David walked with our Ranger Mark both days at 11:00.  Jacob, Lovemore (our tracker) and  Kea, Mark’s delightful, affectionate, well mannered English Staffordshire Bull Terrier (I had never encountered a dog trained as well as she),  accompanied them on their walk.  Jordan and I lounged by the pool read a bit, played some backgammon and then retired to the deck for a nap.  At 3:00pm we were summoned by beating drums informing us Tea was ready.  We all are in love with the South African Five Roses Roobois tea.  Of course, we take it the English way, milk and sugar.  3:30, time for another game drive, back at 7:00, dinner at 8:00pm and  bed by 10:00.  That was our schedule for 3 days.  No phone, TV or internet. Who knew how enlightening it would be to be disconnected from the world for just a few days!  Neck tension gone and sleep came quickly.

The Schechters go to South Africa

Click the baby leopard to watch the movie

We celebrated Jacob’s 14th birthday with a traditional South African BBQ called a Braai, YUM YUM!

On to Cape Town our next stop.  We stayed at the very chic Cape Grace hotel for 4 whole days. 1 day getting a view of the coast, 2 days of wine tasting and a day all to ourselves.

A packed trip with wonderful opportunities and sites galore.  A special place is the Jewish Museum in Cape Town is modern and rich in South African Jewish heritage as well as an authentic Shtetl. We were fortunate  to have a tour of the Synagogue with their resident guru. He told us he had friends in the Boston area, Newton to be precise and offered to wait for us while we explored their museum, and drive us to our next destination. The Distric 6 Museum  Well, one thing led to another and we found someone we both knew a fellow who I had worked with.  I haven’t been in touch with him for 15 years.

Of course I made a may be slow to start, watch the whole thing, I think you will enjoy it.

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