Rodie Update

Here is the update…My daughter and I visited Rodie this morning.  He was anxious and very excited to see us.  We stayed for about an hour.  I got to talk to Rodie’s Doctor , who was very optimistic   She felt things would be moving in the right direction!  Here he is in his cage.  I snapped this with my iPhone on my way out.

Rodie in CCU at Angell

Rodie’s doctor (Dr. Buckley) phoned around 2:00 to let us know they had taken another xray and things were moving. We could pick him up at 6:00 tonight.

I would like to report  Rodie is home.  He walked into the house and immediately went into the dining room and relieved himself.  This was the first time we were happy  he had gone in the house.  He will be able to eat tomorrow. More frequent, smaller meals, that will be easier to digest.

Lesson learned – smaller portions, more frequents meals!

Sitting on the couch licking his shaved leg.

We are happy to Rodie back on the sofa, licking himself silly!

Thanks for all the well wishes.  It’s nice to know, there are people out there who care about you and your family!

Big hugs to all.  It is much appreciated.

8 thoughts on “Rodie Update

  1. So glad to hear that you were happy he relieived himself………
    I hope he continues to recupperate nicely and quickly.

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