Third Post

This is a picture of the courtyard at the Boston Public Library.

It was taken by me, I was standing in the corner on a chair holding my camera vertically.

I took 6 or 7 pictures and put them together in photoshop.  This was another field trip, with my photography class.

It took about 2 minutes (shot 2 times) to take these shots and about 2 hours to put them together.  It actually only

took about 15 minutes, but I couldn’t seem to get the completed panorama exactly right.  If you look closely you’ll

notice that the center column is not correct and that the total picture is tilted right.  I could fix it , and I just might before

I pass it in for the teachers critique.

I really liked taking the shots and putting them together to make this final picture…hope you enjoy it.

This picture was also taken at the Library, inside.  You will notice

the brilliance of the chandelier.  Originally it was way too hot.  I had to tone down the light,

and bump up the background so you could see the wonderful figures on the wall.

You can see the chandelier  in the above picture, you’ll see it in the window, peeking from behind the column.

As you see, not everything is as it appears to be.  I had to finesse these pictures to make them

look the way they are now.  I guess we need to do that at some point.  Too bad there isn’t a Photoshop for life.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

P.S.This is a different blog site.  I’m trying to see which is the best one for me. Let me know which one you like best.

8 thoughts on “Third Post

  1. i like the picture of the chandelier, Gail. It reminds me so much of the “colors” of Italy – a different sort of yellowy/peach I remember seeing in buildings in Tuscany.

    keep it up!

  2. Gail,
    I love the picture of the library courtyard, sounds like it was complicated and took a long time, but the effort paid off, it’s beautiful!

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