Still life….or NOT

Our assignment today was to bring in something to photograph.  My friend Susan suggested I bring in a flower arrangement. So, I went to Winston’s and picked out a plant.  I picked this plant because I thought it looked interesting.  I told the salesperson I would be taking it to class to photograph I asked her to put it in a glass vase ,and wrap a banana leaf around it first.  She suggested to wrap it with a piece of birch bark.  What a great idea.  It would it give the plant another dimension  Some texture and depth.  I knew, I was going to get great pictures.  Our teacher brought in shells, rocks, roses, pieces of lace, twigs, paper and even an xmas ornament.  He had 3 tables set up. One of the shells, one with my plant on half the table and a statue on the other.  There also was a light table, it had the twigs, paper and other assorted goodies.  There were, about 10 of us, all with our tripods in each other’s way.  I had to position my tripod, just so, in between the table, the person next to me and the light fixture.  I decided to stay in my little corner for the most part. I finally did wander towards the end of class.  I stepped very gingerly, holding my tripod high up so I wouldn’t get in anyone’s way. The whole time I had been shooting I had my eye on old fan, sitting all alone, in the corner. To me it was the most interesting piece in the room! i had to take some pictures of it.  I did, have a look for yourself.  You can click on each picture to get a closer look, have a try.  So, I was right. The best picture I took today, was the one that I shouldn’t have taken.

Live and learn…as Forest Gump said, life is like a box of chocolates, you don’t know what you get till you take a bite!

Hope you like these pictures.

It took a long time to format this……enjoy.

First post….Continued

I had totally forgotten that I had written the Governor a note, praising one of his employees.  I think I told him how she went out of her way to make sure I knew my phone was safe and how I could retrieve it.I then went on to tell him about the parking ticket I got and jokingly asked him if he could fix it. I actually got a letter back from him.  I know he read it, and he has a sense of humor. Take a look he wrote me.

Another glorious day…amazing!

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One Crack, Two Bam

As long as I can remember my mother played Mah Jongg.  Saturday and Wednesday during the day, Monday in the evening.  During the day they would arrive at around 11:00 eat lunch, and then play for most of the day.  They took turns playing at each others homes,and served very nice lunches.  In particular they would serve what we “the kids” referred to as Mah Jongg candy.  Chocolate lentils, jujubes twizzlers, nonpareils(like snowcaps), nuts and something that looked liked gumdrops and jimmes that was called bridge mix. Of course there was an obligatory jello mold here and there.  Well at least when my Mom was the hostess. Monday nights they didn’t start playing until 8:00pm, and played into the late hours.  Johnny Carson was almost over by the time “the girls”, thats how they would referrer to themselves, left.  I’m not sure if you know how the game is played.  It is a chinese tile game.  I think there are 144 tiles consisting of 8 jokers, 8 flowers 4 0f each dragon red white and green 4 of each NEWS wind and 4 of each 1-9 “suit”, crack bam and dots.  There are about 40 hands on an official Mah Jongg card.  Each person is dealt 13 tiles except east, they get 14.  Kind of like gin.  The first person to make one of the hands on the card wins that game and collects money. My mother played with her groups of friends for at least 30 years, they were a very big part of her and my life!  They all shared every milestone together, their own,  and their children’s, and counted on each other for support.  They always sat at the same seat when they started a game and continued to be life long friends.  Unfortunately my mother was the first one from her group to pass on. They were all there for her, and she counted on them to get he through some of the worst times.

Today, I have my own Mah jongg group. We may only play once week, but we too have a bond.  We haven’t been playing together for 30 years yet, but I know we will be there for each other, just as my Mom’s friends were there for her.

The reason for this evenings post…..Tonight, there was a Mah Jongg tournament at one of our local synagogues, I won $100.  It made me think of my Mom and I just wanted to share.

P.S. I came in second last week, prize $50.

New York City

After dinner on Friday night, I persuaded my husband to take a walk with me. Earlier in the day I notice Bloomingdales “all lit up”.  I really needed to have a look at it in the night.  Off we went.  Me with my camera, tripod, and the dog afraid of everything, David with the confident explorer.  We set off for 59th street, all bundled up. It was a raw and windy evening, he wanted to get back to the hotel as soon as possible.  There was Bloomingdales, brighter than bright.  I pulled out my tripod, quickly set it up, and started to snap away. I didn’t realize how cold it was until I glanced back to where my husband was. I noticed David’s shoulders were up at his ears, and Rodie was zipped inside his jacket. I knew my time to shoot was limited, and tried to get as many shots as I could.  I hadn’t even noticed on my right, was my favorite building of all time.  The Chrysler Building, designed by architect William Van Allen, it broke ground on September 19, 1928 completed May 28, 1930. It was the world’s tallest building in New York for 11 months until the Empire State Building was built in 1931. 

Of course I had to take some shots of that too.  Being so windy, and having  traffic buzz by, I was having a difficult time getting my camera still.  This is one of the best shots I got. I converted it to B&W to give it that “old film” look.

Saturday Morning we went for a walk in Central Park and came upon this man at the skating rink.

What a difference a day makes!

It reminds me, be thankful for what I have!

Happy Thanksgiving

So…That is the final product of the Apple crisp that my daughter,

Jordan and I made today.  It looks much better than it tasted,

it was good, but not great!

My cousin Susan makes a much better one….

Take a look at the movie I made.

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

Click on the yellow link to have a look.

The Making of an Apple Crisp

Third Post

This is a picture of the courtyard at the Boston Public Library.

It was taken by me, I was standing in the corner on a chair holding my camera vertically.

I took 6 or 7 pictures and put them together in photoshop.  This was another field trip, with my photography class.

It took about 2 minutes (shot 2 times) to take these shots and about 2 hours to put them together.  It actually only

took about 15 minutes, but I couldn’t seem to get the completed panorama exactly right.  If you look closely you’ll

notice that the center column is not correct and that the total picture is tilted right.  I could fix it , and I just might before

I pass it in for the teachers critique.

I really liked taking the shots and putting them together to make this final picture…hope you enjoy it.

This picture was also taken at the Library, inside.  You will notice

the brilliance of the chandelier.  Originally it was way too hot.  I had to tone down the light,

and bump up the background so you could see the wonderful figures on the wall.

You can see the chandelier  in the above picture, you’ll see it in the window, peeking from behind the column.

As you see, not everything is as it appears to be.  I had to finesse these pictures to make them

look the way they are now.  I guess we need to do that at some point.  Too bad there isn’t a Photoshop for life.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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