walk on BY

Last week we celebrated my mother in laws 91st birthday.

We went to The Mercer Kitchen a Jean-George Restaurant located on Prince Street in The Mercer Hotel.  When I walked toward our table I heard a thumping above my head.  I realized it was people walking by us, overhead.  Lucky I had my camera with me.

thewalk1 thewalk3 thewalk2

(click on The Mercer Kitchen link, scroll down to the second from the bottom pictures, you’ll what I am talking about)

3 thoughts on “walk on BY

  1. I haven’t been to the Mercer in at least 5 years and don’t recall the ceiling. Was this part of the ceiling/floor there at that time? I was going to say that your photos are great (as always) but I feel it’s much more apropos to say they’re grate. So, once again, keep up the grate work! 😉

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