weekly writing challenge:ICONIC

We are lucky enough to live a fairly close to one of my favorites cities, New York. It’s just a 3.5-4 hour car drive, provided there is no traffic!

If you have been following this blog, you know that the I have taken many pictures of my favorite ICONIC building. This really isn’t a writing blog, but I did write a blog about it in 2009.  Here is a link to it Blog entry.

By the way…I have been talking about the Chrysler Building!

12 thoughts on “weekly writing challenge:ICONIC

  1. Was in NYC this weekend (and I rarely get there – had been nearly a year). Was there with one of my 16 year olds and the agenda was NOT photography, so I barely took a shot. But I resolved to take a day soon and tour around and take photos, with no other agenda!

  2. I like the “close up day”! In general, very nice shots!
    I just had a good laugh when I read that you lived fairly close to NY, just about 3-4 hours traveltime by car… In Switzerland, you would already be in another country 😉

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